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Coworking in Łódź 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / intimate coworking at ul. Piotrkowska 59

Call: 606 732 886 or write to the e-mail: workplace59lodz@gmail.com





#mikrobiuro w Work Place 59. Idealne do pracy dla 2, 4 i 5 osób. Jeżeli chcesz mieć przestrzeń do pracy tylko dla siebie, zamykaną z szafkami, burkiem, krzesłem oraz potrzebujesz wstawić dodatkowy sprzęt i cieszyć się wyjściem do biura... to miejsce idealne dla Ciebie! Zobacz mikro biura dla zespołówA w jakiej cenie takie mikro biuro?

Are you looking for an intimate place
in the boat? Coworking - a dedicated desk - only for you
- for work, cooperation, thinking, creating, meeting with clients and colleagues?

Everything presented in an aesthetic
and convenient formula, localized
in a historic tenement house at ul. Piotrkowska.


Are you looking for an intimate place for hours in Łódź to work, think, finish a project, meet a client or colleagues?

A place for recruitment, dedicated event, training, business meeting or presentation.

Micro training room for hours during the week and weekend (Saturday, Sunday) just for you.


If you are looking for an hourly desk, we cannot help. We do not have a reception desk. We don't have a large open space. We do not organize integration meetings. We're not partying. Generally, it is quiet and peaceful with us. If it suits you, please feel free to contact us!


for work / cooperation / thinking / creation / presentation / meetings / recruitment /// intimate coworking in the center of Łódź ///

If you don't have anyone to leave your dog or cat with, you can work with your pet

- We invite you! There are several places close to us where you can walk freely for relaxation.


This is how our coworking looks like  /

What we give at Work Place 59 /

We care about an intimate atmosphere in the "hygge" atmosphere, therefore we limited the number of places to the necessary minimum. We enable access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on, holidays, vacation, holidays, weather
and bad weather. People, companies, organizations using our offer receive a promotional package, which includes: Promotional profile on the portal
  PURPOSE , individual - dedicated desk  - a place to work with a desk, chair, lamp, locker and the possibility of using a functional kitchen, conference room for hours.